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Cannabis Medicinal Patch
Cannabis Medicinal Patch

Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and refreshing 🌿🌬️

Mapacho Rustica Log
Mapacho Rustica Log

Authentic Organic Nicotiana rustica, aka Mapacho Logs, grown and harvested directly from the central jungles of Peru. ☘️💨

Benefits and Medicinal Uses of the San Pedro cactus
Benefits and Medicinal Uses of the San Pedro cactus

Its scientific name is Echinopsis pachanoi, but it is commonly called San Pedro cactus. It is a species of cacti, recognized as a sacred cactus for its medicinal and psychoactive properties. Do you want to discover the history and the benefits from the cactus of the gods? Cactus of San Pedro, the cactus of the gods First its history. To the cactus of San Pedro, the indigenous people call it wachuma or huachuma, which means “to be without a head, to cut one’s head, to cut rational thought, to cut the ego”. It is a Quechua word that is divided…

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“I am very happy with the quality products. I wanted to stop drinking coffee because of the side effects. Making infusion tea is great, it’s beneficial and nutritious in many ways with no side effects like

Ryan B.Lauderhill, Florida

“I really appreciate the freshness of the product. With some other brands you can tell by the yellowish colour that the product has been stored for too long. The product I received had a bright green colour and is of great quality. Fast delivery service as well! Thank you !”

Stephane B.Die, France

“I love this company. They have always been prompt, and even sent a replacement when a package was lost in the mail. Quality products and reliable people make a great company.”

James W.La Porte, Colorado

“Great products! Packages arrived without any problem (Europe).”

Ivan D.Podvihov, Czech Republic

I think everyone should chew. I am 52 years old, I have more horse power than most 25 year olds.

Sterling ChurginSpeonk, NY


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