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Erythroxylum coca leaf powder from Cuzco, Peru 🍃

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Coca Leaf Powder

Coca leaf powder acts as a mild stimulant and suppresses appetite, thirst, pain and fatigue.

Provides you with a natural energy and improves your digestion. Good for tea, brews, juices or shakes. You could even add it in your foods or salads!

The coca plant contains essential minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus), vitamins (B1, B2, C, and E) and nutrients such as protein and fiber.

100% Peruvian coca leaf powder, pure and natural, no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Nutritional Value

Coca Leaf (100 gr) Nutrients (100 gr)
Calcium (mg) 1749 99
Proteins (gr) 19.9 11.4
Calories 305 279
Carbohydrates 44.3 37.9
Fats 3.3 7.9
Phosphor (mg) 637 270
Iron (mg) 26.8 3.6
Vitamin A (iu) 10.000 135
Vitamin B1(mg) 0.58 0.58
Vitamin B2 (mg) 1.73 0.18
Vitamin C (mg) 1.4 13
Vitamin PP (mg) 3.7 2.2

How to use Coca powder

Tea: Boil hot water, add 2 Tablespoons of coca powder, stir and wait a few minutes until it is settled. Add lemon and honey for better taste.
(Best time to take mate de coca is after meals. Your stomach will feel a whole lot better and thank you afterwards.)

Chewing: Some people like to chew the powder by mixing it with our mint lliptaYou have to crush the mint llipta first, (preferably with a morter) and then mix it in with the powder. You can chew it like you would with chewing tabacco.

Foods: Simply sprinkle some on top of your foods and salads.

Shakes: Make shakes and smoothies with our coca leaf powder by adding bananas and/or other fruits, water/milk and mixing it with other natural powders like our maca powder. 💪🏽

Bakery: Bake coca leaf cookies and cakes.

Coca Leaf Powder Cookies

Coca Leaf Powder Cookies

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75gr, 200gr, 350gr, 900gr

45 reviews for Inka Leaf Powder

  1. nafeezkhan (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let you all know that Andean leaves is a truly extraordinary provider of quality products and is superior to any other that I have tried to date. The tea powder is fresh and loaded with nutritional value.
    Their communication is aligned with the best service. I will definitely be ordering from Andean leaves again.

  2. Viviane Buelens (verified owner)

    My order arived after 18 days to Belgium in a nice moringa stealth package.
    The powder is legit works great, numbs and stimulates!
    I recommend it to anyone who loves the sacred leaves of the INCAS
    Blessing everyone

  3. Holland Risley (verified owner)

    Always arrives in UK fine, nice stealth ‘Moringa’ packaging. Not the strongest powder and slightly smokey taste, I prefer the Delisse brand from other stores, but this works OK. Get some in your cheeks with Bica and it works great!

  4. Greg Kuhn (verified owner)

    Been ordering through Andean now for 18 months. The Tea is great quality and service is fantastic. Any issues or questions the team responds promptly.
    Some orders get seized through customs or lost in the mail system (Not Andeans fault} and Andean address it accordantly.
    Thank Andean for your service.

  5. reachme85 (verified owner)

    Great service and amazing quality leaf powder!
    I’m very satisfied and will order again when I get low (bee a while probably because the 900g option) .
    It’s slightly more bitter than what I’ve got locally, but that’s NOT a bad thing!! It’s stronger so is to be expected .
    Give a nice energy and mood boost, without jitters vs coffee (I enjoy a small coffee with it personally) .
    I rec used as traditionally would be; in the cheek/gums , leaf mixed with an alkalizor like their liipita or a little sodium bicarbonate. This helps absorption/, bioavailability greatly, to get the most out of it.
    They are very helpful via email if any issue arises (first order was stopped, part of the game tho and not Andeans fault) CAD.

    Thanks Andeanleaves!!! Much appreciated


  6. Maximillian Winter (verified owner)

    Came to Canada in 2 weeks. Great product, tastes good and gives me a really nice boost to energy and mood without the anxiety, jitteriness or crashes I get from coffee or Adderall. Tastes delicious too, somewhere between mint and green tea.

  7. bquilty (verified owner)

    Very high quality products. Coca tea is very good quality. I have ordered 4 times now. I really appreciate that if there is an issue with delivery that the team helps to fix it. I will continue to order from here. Great service.

  8. jonasmleroy (verified owner)

    Price and shipping time is pretty good. I ordered based on the reviews that said this tea was of superior grade to some other sites.

  9. hidunnos

    I drink by 2 table spoons about 2 cups then keep top up with water

  10. hidunnos

    Calm, relaxed, relax, food drink, yum, under water, space, tingle. Hungry. Thirsty, sleepy, do stuff. Be happy Canada

  11. Shaun Prinsloo (verified owner)

    Received the product and I’m very happy with the quality. Thanks a lot.

  12. Lesley Gray (verified owner)

    Brilliant service and excellent communication from purchase to delivery I had one order which is still lost in the post but on communicating with Andean leaves they resent my order which arrived very quickly to the uk all my orders have been opened by customs but I have always received the parcel the service and products from this company are absolutely second to none I highly recommend this service as the level of communication is rare and very helpful. 5 star rating from me ❤️

  13. Baptiste Chahine (verified owner)

    Package opened by the customs but the shipping has been Incredibly fast ! The powder is very fresh ! Every thing has been incredible with these guy. Best products and best customer service

  14. Joseph Liotta (verified owner)

    great product!

  15. Snoots Mobile Pet Spa (verified owner)

    Great communication and great product. Will definitely be ordering more.

  16. snyderm6 (verified owner)

    Just want to say thanks for a quality product with reliable on time delivery at a better than average price. Inka leaf powder helps me to overcome the mind/body malaise caused by some of my spinal cord injury deficits such as motor function, pain, endurance, and depression. Mornings are a lot more enjoyable as well as throughout the day. Andean Leaves, works for me!

  17. Siri Khals (verified owner)

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. The product is high quality. It took about 2 weeks to arrive to the US.

  18. achatsjohnson (verified owner)

    The delivery time was incredibly fast – no more than a week to go halfway around the world. And the powder is amazing stuff. The tea I make with it gives me so much energy and a feeling of well being. I find I don’t snack between meals anymore and my mind is very active.

    Thanks for such a great product! I’ll be ordering again soon.

  19. Chris Johnson (verified owner)

    I have to be fair and redact my last review in favor of a more accurate comment on the effects of this powdered coca. At first it seemed to be not as good as others I’ve tried but the more I experimented and with different methods of consumption allowed me to explore it’s full potential. It is very good quality and even though it’s consistency is not that of the flour I’ve had before I would not say that correlates in the quality being subpar at all. So I give this 5 stars and I would not hesitate to order again especially considering the cost is so affordable in comparison to others. Also it arrived in 2 weeks from Peru to the US so all in all even the shipping was quite reasonable. Very pleased all the way around. Lesson learned: don’t be quick to judge something until you have more experience with which to base your judgment.

  20. Chris Johnson (verified owner)

    Only giving this powder 3 stars. It wasn’t bad but seemed to be cut with other plant material or filler. Either that or it’s just ground up stem and vein along with leaf that I’m not used to seeing. The powder I’ve gotten from other places was a very light green with a flour-like consistency and much smoother taste. This almost has the taste of fresh grass-clippings from my lawn. It’s also much darker than I’ve seen before, this may be due to a different variety or something else used as filler. Not bad considering the cost though. I would be willing to pay more for top-quality powder if they offered it. I’m trying to think of a way to take it and concentrate it down or extract it to make it better. We’ll see. Wasn’t horrible

  21. Kim (verified owner)

    I couldn’t stress enough how amazing both the products and customer service is with this company. If this is your first time ordering these products, you’d be remiss to go with any other company. Let yr mind, body, and soul be at ease and rest assure that they’ll go above and beyond to get to you what you ordered and like I said the quality is top notch. May your days of caffeine or stimulant anxiety be put behind you, order the mint llipta activator with the powder. I didn’t the first few times and baking soda and lemon don’t taste as well or alkalize quite enough.

    I’ll be ordering as often as possible. They even threw in a good fit of red maca I didn’t order just to try, which is rare. Thanks again a million.


  22. Esteban (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the freshness of the product. With some other brands you can tell by the yellowish colour that the product has been stored for too long. The product I received had a bright green colour and is of great quality. Fast delivery service as well! Thank you !

  23. herbel (verified owner)

    I recommand Andean leaves. I have command two 950g coca powder in two occasions the packages don’t arrived after four weeks and when I have asked Andean leaves to send me new, the packages arrived in one week I’m very happy to them. I leave in France

  24. Joseph (verified owner)

    I have not received my package yet. I ordered it at the beginning of October.

  25. campagne christine (verified owner)

    Fast & Easy and it seems like a good product
    I recommand.

    Much love from France <3

  26. Cidel Gato (verified owner)

    Received my powdered coca leaves today, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. I also appreciated the discreetness.

  27. voodookid (verified owner)

    I’ve got the package in EU 2 weeks after ordering. Shipment was discreet, as described by the seller. Product is really good quality. I will definitely order again.

  28. theabe (verified owner)

    Good quality. Reminds me of what I harvested in the amazon. It was very useful for working building burningman. Fast shipping. Discreet package. My package was even opened by US customs with no issue.

  29. cookie (verified owner)

    UPDATE: Please accept my sincerest apologies. It is Great!

  30. cookie

    Juan woody got it right! Andean Leaves is shipping Classic bait and switch!! Sent me Graviola

    • andean

      Hi there cookie, Have you tried our product yet? The label on the package only serves for customs purposes.

  31. juan woody

    recv’d green powder that does absolutely nothing. not a single claim about energy, mood, or pain relief realized? complete waste of money.

    • andean

      Sir, we don’t have an order listed under this email or name. Are you sure you got the right company? What is your order #? Please tell us how you took this product.

  32. fortunate1 (verified owner)

    Friendly and communicative. Order dispatched promptly. Just under two weeks to a U.S. address. Professionally and discreetly packaged. Thank you!

  33. wfa (verified owner)

    Waw! Fast shipping. Premium product.

  34. J (verified owner)

    I ordered this back in mid 2018 and I still have a ton left. Very good quality. Shipped without a problem to Florida.

  35. Marky (verified owner)

    Coca leaf powder is a marvelous medicinal herb. For me, it is good for many things, especially mild depression and stress. Coca powder also gives energy, as you may imagine. I tried a lot of natural products in my life, and this one is special. I always add a little bit of matcha tea when I take it, it works best for me that way. I will try other ways of taking it soon. Also, andeanleaves offers very good service and fast shipping.

  36. James (verified owner)

    I have ordered this product twice and am very satisfied with the quality. The powder is fresh, aromatic, and potent when used with an alkalizer. The price also makes it a great value.

    Shipping to the U.S. takes about 3 weeks, and there were no problems with customs.

    Will definitely place more orders in the future. Thank you Andean Leaves for bringing this plant to the rest of the world.

  37. Max (verified owner)

    I finally received the replacement today after waiting for 2 months and a half. The quality is good, stronger effects than delisse, and smoother almost chocolaty flavour. Very good

  38. Johnnie

    I recieved the package in Scandinavia 2 weeks after ordering

  39. don

    I have nothing but good things to say always get what i order and have no problems just takes time to get it about 4 weeks but well worth it.

  40. Max (verified owner)

    Shipped on September 22nd, never received it, when I asked for sending a replacement the seller stopped all communication.

  41. maagus

    Great quality product & reliable vendor . Want to suppost this ebsop, but most of time, many product is out of stock :/ even coca tea.

    Now seems to back in stoc at least powdrer & leaf.

    Is it possible to “name all products as ethnobotanicals / nd/or dried decorative room idorizing or something like that? and not for human consumption.
    I dont know. in Scandinavia is crazy about customs but if i order those by decorative & armomatherapy indication, then they can’t chaege as I use it by DRUG.

    Order it anyway. Hope will send again if customs stops it.

  42. Bill (verified owner)

    Ordered on May 18 and still have not received as of yet.

  43. George

    So far got two large packages of 200g and 930 Inka powder .

  44. Eric Joly

    So far got two large packages of 200g and 930 Inka powder .

  45. rockant (verified owner)

    Very good quality product and there was no problem with the delivery to the EU. I got he package 2 weeks from the ordering.

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