Inka Leaf Powder


Erythroxylum coca leaf powder from Peru



Coca Leaf Powder

Coca leaf powder acts as a mild stimulant and suppresses appetite, thirst, pain and fatigue. Provides you with natural energy and improves your digestion.

Good for tea, brews, juices or shakes. You could even put it in your foods or salads!

The coca plant contains essential minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus), vitamins (B1, B2, C, and E) and nutrients such as protein and fiber.

100% Peruvian coca leaf powder, pure and natural, no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Nutritional Value

Coca Leaf (100 gr) Nutrients (100 gr)
Calcium (mg) 1749 99
Proteins (gr) 19.9 11.4
Calories 305 279
Carbohydrates 44.3 37.9
Fats 3.3 7.9
Phosphor (mg) 637 270
Iron (mg) 26.8 3.6
Vitamin A (iu) 10.000 135
Vitamin B1(mg) 0.58 0.58
Vitamin B2 (mg) 1.73 0.18
Vitamin C (mg) 1.4 13
Vitamin PP (mg) 3.7 2.2

How to use
 Boil hot water, add 2 Tablespoons of coca powder, stir and wait a few minutes until it is settled. Add lemon and honey if desired.
Best time to take mate de coca is after meals. You will feel a whole lot better afterwards.

Bakery: Make coca leaf cookies and cakes.

Foods: Simply sprinkle some on top of your foods and salads.

Shakes: Make shakes and smoothies with our coca leaf powder.

Coca Leaf Powder Cookies

Coca Leaf Powder Cookies

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