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  1. Hi I would like to order tea my brother just got back from Peru said tea was amazing so energized without being high! Except altitude Lol I have a deviated septum and could use energy I ski so I would love to try this! Could you let me know when tea bags are in stock ? I live in British Columbia is this a problem Canada ?

    • Hello Jeff,

      Please check your Spam folder for the confirmation email.
      We have received your order successfully and is now processing.
      Shipping details will be sent soon.

      Thank you

      • Thank you Jeff, this is willfort888’s account, and I am replying because I have received your message and am replying to confirm how I will go about the shipment. I will plan on sending the complete sum total through western union payments. Please let me know who to have it sent to, and other details for confirmation. PS: if my address changes I will notify you as soon as possible, yet until then please confirm that my mailing address is 1076 United States Rt 2 Montpelier, vt 05609 will ttysoon, thanks and God Bless.

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