Frequently Ask Questions


    1. How long does my order take to get here?

    The estimated delivery time to the USA and most of Europe is from 1-3 weeks. Countries which are farther away like Australia or which have slower customs control, can take up from 3-5 weeks. International holidays and natural events should also be taken into account.

    1. What shipping service do you use?

    We ship all our packages through the national postal service SERPOST (Royal Mail, USPS, CanadaPost, Auspost, etc.). If you wish to include EMS shipping write us and we will send you a payment link for the extra shipping cost.

    1. Will there be problems with customs?

    The packages are discreetly marked as other natural herbal products to reduce risk at customs control. However, there is a rare chance that customs might intercept the package for a couple of reasons: 1. The package is restricted. 2. Import taxes must be paid. (which is why we don’t put an Invoice or any payment information inside your package)

    1. What happens if customs intercepts my package?

    Don’t get alarm, sometimes they’ll keep it in “quarantine” for a couple of weeks or send it back to us. We will offer to reship it one more time for free if it does not arrive the first time. The packages are randomly checked and almost never have problems passing through customs.

    1. Will my order be shipped in different packages?

    Yes, if it is a big order, we will send one package every 3 days to ensure minimum risk at customs control.

    1. What would be the best option for tea and for chewing?

    Coca leaves are great for chewing, and the coca leaf powder makes a strong mate (coca tea). We also recommend to add llipta for a stronger vibe. For chewing coca leaf powder we recommend the mint llipta.

    1. Do you ship to my country?

    Yes, we are currently shipping to almost every country in the world including; USA, Canada, France, Australia, UK, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Israel, Spain, Japan, Israel, Ghana, etc.

    1. Do you have a successful shipping rate?

    Yes.  About 97% to the USA. The higher risk places are: UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, with 80% shipping rate.

    1. Where do you send from?

    We send all our parcels from Lima – Peru to the rest of the World.

    1. Are coca leaves legal?

    Unfortunately, in some countries, they consider the coca leaves in the same category as a drug. Which is very unfair.

  • We understand this situation which is why we package our products very discreetly for a lower profile at customs control. We suggest you investigate in your country before you purchase.
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