Flavor Mint LLipta (65gr)


Llipta is a mass formed by a mixture of lime and ash of amaranth or quinoa, which enhances the extraction of alkaloids in the coca leaf. 🌾

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Flavor Mint Llipta softens the astringent taste of the coca leaves and helps to activate its alkaloids. The alkaline component, usually kept in a pumpkin (ishcupuro or poporo), can be done by burning limestone to form lime, burning the stalks of quinoa or the bark of certain trees. It can be called llipta, tocra or mambe depending on the geographical zone.

How to use

Chaqchar, piqchar or acullicar (terms of Andean languages) is the act of introducing coca leaves in the mouth and moistening them with saliva, forming a bolus, which is held in between the teeth and the inside of the cheeks, to slowly extract the active substances and stimulants.

  1.  Spread a group of leaves in your hand
  2.  Adjust so that there is no free space in between the leaves
  3.  Sprinkle some llipta in the middle
  4. Close it tight into a ball (llipta alone might burn you if in direct contact)
  5. Chewing … locate the leafy ball in the back side of your mouth, using your molars to chew and crunch it down slowly

Here’s a quick video that can serve you as a guide.

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 7 cm


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