Llipta with Stevia


Llipta Alkaline Ashes with Stevia ~ 10 gr 

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Llipta Alkaline Ashes

Coca Complements, Stimulating & Alkaline

100 % natural  ~ with Stevia Flavor

How to use

Chaqchar, piqchar or acullicar (terms of Andean languages) is the act of introducing coca leaves in the mouth mixed with an alkaline element called llipta. By forming a bolus, which is held in the backside of your mouth, slowly extracting the active substances and stimulants.

  1.  Spread a group of leaves in your hand.
  2.  Also adjust them so that there is no free space in between the leaves.
  3.  Sprinkle some llipta powder in the middle.
  4.  Roll the leaves and the llipta tight into a ball form.
  5.  Locate the leafy ball in the back side of your mouth using your molars to chew it down slowly.
  6. Suck in the juice and spit the dry leaves after 15 minutes.

Here’s a quick video that can serve you as a guide.

Thanks for your contribution to our Andean Culture 🍃


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Weight 9 g
Dimensions 8 × 16 cm


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