San Pedro Powder


Trichocereus peruvianus in powder



San Pedro Powder

San Pedro Powder has been used traditionally in the Andean Culture. It is believed that the name of San Pedro refers to the possibility of connecting to divine sources, it bears the name of the Christian saint who precisely guards the gates of Heaven.

In Ecuador it receives the names of Aguacolla or Gigantón. In northern Peru it is also called by its name in Quechua: Hachuma or Wachuma, which means drunk or dizziness.

It has been part of various magical-religious events dating from Pre-Hispanic times. It was also noticeable in Chavin (1200-200 BC) cultures, Paracas (300-0 BC), Nazca (100 BC – 700 AD), Mochica (200-700 AD), Chimu (1100-1470 AD), and even the Inca (1438 -1532 AD).

It has a millenary traditional use in the Andean culture and medicine. Some archaeological studies have found evidence of its use dating back two thousand years, to the Chavin culture.

It was used in religious festivities for its hallucinogenic properties due to the alkaloids it contains, especially mescaline. A drink called “aguacoya” or “cimora” that were generally mixed with other entheogenic plants was prepared.

Currently it is widely known and used to treat nervous disorders, joint, chemical dependencies, heart disease and hypertension, it also has antimicrobial properties.

San Pedro Powder drink

San Pedro Powder drink

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