San Pedro Powder


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Trichocereus peruvianus in powder 🌵

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San Pedro Powder

San Pedro Powder has been used traditionally in the Andean Culture. It is believed that the name of  San Pedro refers to the possibility of connecting to divine sources, it bears the name of the Christian saint who precisely guards the gates of Heaven.


In Northern Peru it is also called by its original name in Quechua: Hachuma or Wachuma, which means drunk or dizziness.

It has been part of various magical-religious events dating from Pre-Hispanic times. It was practiced in the Chavin (1200-200 BC), Paracas (300-0 BC), Nazca (100 BC – 700 AD), Mochica (200-700 AD), Chimu (1100-1470 AD), and even the Inca (1438 -1532 AD) cultures.

Know for having a millenary traditional use in the Andean medicine and culture. Some archaeological studies have found evidence of its use dating back two thousand years, to the Chavin culture.

It was used in religious festivities for its hallucinogenic properties due to the various alkaloids it contains, especially mescaline. A drink called “aguacoya” or “cimora” that was generally mixed with other entheogenic plants was prepared.

Currently it is widely known and used to treat nervous disorders, joint, chemical dependencies, heart diseases and hypertension, also having antimicrobial properties.

To read more about the San Pedro powder Benefits please click here.

We also have San Pedro in Capsules. 💊💊 for a better consumption! 🌵

How to Use:

Put powder (2 tablespoons) in a big pot and add lemon juice or vinegar to the water to drop the PH down a bit so that the mescaline is more water soluble. Then boil the liquid down until you have around a cup or so of liquid left. Then strain away the plant material using coffee filters, a cloth cloth or even a clean sock. Whatever works for you. Then after you’ve strained out the plant material add the green liquid back to your cooking vessel and continue to boil down until you have a rather small volume of liquid. There is no exact right ammount to get down to but just know it’s disgusting in taste so your probably not gonna wanna be drinking a large volume of it. About a shot of glass each person is fine. This process takes a few hours.

Mix it in with your favorite drinks. Add lemon and honey for better taste.

Taken from the thread of this Reddit post.

We recommend to start with 20 grams and work yourself up! 100+ grams is a shamanic dosage! 🌵

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Northern Peru

30 reviews for San Pedro Powder

  1. JonasCR (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery to Central America, only 10 days! Super fine powder, tried 2 heaped teaspoons right away which made up for an enjoyable, nausea-free microdose. Taste is good, almost not bitter. Wonderful Huachuma, I’ll order again. Thank you, Andean Leaves 🙂

  2. Tim S (verified owner)

    Powder looks good. Will do a proper extraction tek on it.

    First shipment got lost in US customs but Andean shipped a second batch for shipping cost and that one was received.


  3. nolanmm1 (verified owner)

    VERY disappointing experience. Bought the 75 gram bag and split the whole thing with a friend, so almost 40 grams for each of us. We hardly felt any effects at all, and what we did feel was very weak and hard to notice. Did we get unlucky with a bad batch? I don’t understand all the good reviews

    Maybe this stuff works, but you need to take WAY more than the recommended starting dose of 20 grams.

    • Andean

      Dear client not everybody has the same tolerance or organism as everybody else. There are some medicinal plants that do not effect some people (very rare) and that have a much higher tolerance. The preperation method might also have been somewhat different. Did you boil it down to about a cup or 1 shot each? 75gr is only good for 1 or 2 small persons.

  4. d.elenida.podasca

    Do you ship to Italy?

    • Andean

      Yes we are shipping succesfully to Italia!

  5. francony84 (verified owner)

    How would you recommend to prepare the 20gram dose?

    • Andean

      Hello Sir, we recommend to take it as Tea, drink it in juices or morning shakes! We also heard of putting in the freezer in small balls soaked with water and taking it this way to avoid the strong taste.

  6. francony84 (verified owner)

    I don’t have any way to measure the “shamanic dose.” For that dosage, how many tablespoons would you say that is? I believe you said 80gr was shamanic. Thank you.

    • Andean

      Hi there, we recommend to start with 20 grams and work yourself up. A shamanic dosage is 100+ grs.

  7. kylekjt23 (verified owner)

    I ordered 200 grams of San Pedro and I received 200 grams of maca powder it’s not what I ordered can you guys make it right ?

    • Andean

      Hello there, we sent the correct product, but in a different packaging, so it can pass through customs more easily. Please try the product and let us know.

  8. Juan Crespo (verified owner)

    Hello very excited to experience something new with your product but how long does it take to get to Florida

    • Andean

      Hi there It usually takes from 2-4 weeks for delivery to the USA.

  9. senseirandomguy

    Quick question, How long will this order take if i purchase from the UK?

    • Andean

      Hello there, it usually takes from 2-4 weeks for your package to arrive through the Royal mail.

  10. hidunnos

    I think, it’s good, it’s not bitter, tingle, good, everyone you should try. Is that okay to say oh ya coca off to that.

  11. the_djmc (verified owner)

    Outstanding medicine, will ship again

  12. Joseph Liotta (verified owner)

    The USPS messed up my order at first but it still came in the end. Looking forward to trying it soon!

  13. Christopher Pirovano (verified owner)

    Hello, I was wondering how many grams you recommend to take for a mystical experience?

    • Andean

      Hello Christopher.. Like all Entheogens it is better to prepare yourself, as to have a more profound experience. This includes having a diet free of meats, alcohol, sex and to meditate your intentions at least 3 days before. With that said. We recommend to start off with 10-20 grams, and work yourself up from there. 50gr is a normal dosage and more than 80gr is a shamanic dose! ️

  14. Matthew Tower (verified owner)

    Outstanding shipping time to Canada. Very responsive. Arrived in 3 weeks like they said. A effects felt great off very small sample! Great experience

  15. Andean

    Hello Haakon, our San Pedro Powder is made from the outer layer and skin of the cactus and the trunk is taken out before micropulvarizing. You can start off with 20gr and work yourself up from there, everybody’s body is different. I am sure you will feel it.

  16. noah.lit13

    Hi i was just wondering if you ship to Australia.

    • Andean

      Hello Noah yes, we are shipping succesfully to Australia.

  17. Ricardo Diaz (verified owner)

    I received the full amount plus 50g to make up for the mistake, it turned out for the best as now i have my dosage and tolerance dialed in for my size and so on. San pedro goes beyond just the actual experience, and effects you in unexpected ways, it’s trippy.

  18. Andean

    Hi Michael, some packages are taking longer and put in “quarantine” due to the Covid situation. In case you feel it has passed too much time we can do a reshipment for only the shipping fee. Please let us know if you agree we are answering all our emails with normality.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  19. Ricardo Diaz (verified owner)

    I ordered 350g, but only recieved 200g and haven’t heard back at all. 80g was a ok dose, but maybe i have a high tolerance. I wish i had recieved the rest so i could try 100g.

    • andean

      Hello Ricardo
      We have put your order on Hold, we will be resending you another 200gr package to replace the missing amount. Very sorry for our mistake.

  20. kirklap1 (verified owner)

    Hey, I received my order. Glad it came, I ordered 350g ! Very Happy

  21. Chaman (verified owner)

    Two tries on shipping to US. Waited about a month. No big deal. 2% yield. Great incense!

  22. RJ (verified owner)

    The Pedro powder is a fantastic product. It shipped quickly and was totally worth the cost.

  23. david smith (verified owner)

    difficult to filter because it’s powder in water. gave up & made nasty tasting cactus porridge. definitely recommend making it beforehand & experimenting with filtration methods (perhaps by adding plenty of water before straining). if you end up having to eat a big ass bowl of porridge instead of just a shot glass of liquid you’ll wish you’d persevered. take the time to figure it out.

    5 stars is for the potency of the product & the fact it arrived

  24. St. Joseph (verified owner)

    This is, without a doubt, a very special (and highly refined) product…it does its work very well!

  25. Yosei (verified owner)

    Outstanding product!!! Very fast shipping!!! Five stars all the way!!!

  26. fortunate1

    Fantastic price and a high-quality product. Order dispatched immediately and arrived in about two weeks to U.S. International shipping is pricey, but the total is still way less than U.S. competitors – and you don’t have to fret about getting the lovely but inactive mis-identified Echinopsis/Trichocereus spp. that are predominant in the States.

  27. Anon

    High quality product, 10/10

  28. Faye (verified owner)

    Very effective product!

  29. anon (verified owner)

    great quality cactus

  30. Richard Anderson (verified owner)

    Have tried several different San Pedro plants and powders.
    The one Peruvianus that Andean leaves offers is the best I have found so far.

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