In case of not receiving your order please contact us first to resolve the issue internally, we will make every effort to resolve your inconvenience ASAP. There is a minimum shipping waiting time of 40 business days from the shipping date or 30 days since the last update.

Please have the option to buy online and to buy from another country turned on in your card 💳before ordering.*

Your order cannot be Cancelled after it has already been sent. We only attend to orders created up to 6 months ago.


       Orders are usually dispatched from 1-2 working days (Monday – Friday). You should expect a shipping delivery time from 7 – 21 business days (2-5 weeks) to the United States and most of Europe. Deliveries to other countries which are farther away from Peru and/or have a slower postal services may take approximately 1 or 2 more weeks to get delivered. Special events such as natural disasters, pandemics and holidays should also be taken into account.

The delivery is handled through the national postal service and is sent by regular mail. This means there is a tracking number available and it is signature required. If you wish for no signature required and no tracking number please put “common shipping” in the Note section of your order during checkout.

Please view the shipping rates for all countries here. 

The tracking number will be sent to your email after shipping.  *Please check your Spam folder if you don’t use Gmail.com. Unfortunately, sometimes it goes there and you will not receive any notification about your order. Please find us and put us your safe emailing list by marking it as important for future updates about your order. You will get an email when the order has been successfully received (Processing), Notes about your Order and when it is Completed.

Please double check your shipping address and name carefully since this is the information we use for shipping. Don’t use abbreviations or a one letter name like J or K, also we do not recommend to use P.O. boxes since they tend to get inspected more often by customs.

If you want to change your address please contact us before we ship your order.

The products are sent inside a sealed envelope or a small box, depending on the size of your order, it could be sent in 2 or more packages.

Deliveries and Tracking

       If it has passed more than 40 working days since your package has been shipped and you still have not received it, please check first with your local national postal service by calling or going to them personally (if you check in their online tracking service you will get the same response as we do). There might be several reasons why it has not been delivered, such as not locating your address or not finding you at the address at the time of the delivery or just waiting for it to be picked up at the local postal office, so please check with them first if it were the case.

Unfortunately, in some countries, the tracking numbers do not get updated.

National Postal Services that do not track parcels from Peru:

  • CanadaPost
  • Royal Mail (UK)
  • AusPost (Australia)

Note: If your package is lost in your National Postal Service then please contact them first and inquire with your tracking number. File a complaint if necessary, we can also file one from here. There is no refund, but will offer to reship for only the shipping fee.

If you wish to get the package delivered here in Peru, we can express deliver it for only a shipping fee of $20.


     If your package got retained at Peruvian customs (when there is no further update on the tracking page after package is accepted), than we will re-send it for free. If the package got retained at your country’s customs control than we cannot issue you a refund, but we can offer to reship it for only the shipping fee of your order +$3 charge and we put in the products of the package that got retained. Please do not be alarm, if this ever happens the natural products will be destroyed or returned to the sender (us), there is no legal issues. We must advise that some countries like USA, Australia and the UK have a stronger border control and thus have a higher possibility to get taken by customs. Please order at your own risk.


     If you wish for a refund before the order is sent there is a $10 fee which our card payment processor charges us. If there is any problem with your order such as a wrong item or product than we can issue you store credit or we can reship you a new product for free. If your package is taken by customs we can offer to reship it for only the shipping fee + $3 charge, but we do not refund your order. We can also issue you a partial refund with the amount of the product(s), not the shipping fee that was spent, in the case that it was returned to us. Order under your own responsability please.


     In Peru and many Andean countries it is fully legal to purchase and consume the leaves, tea, powders and their sub-products. It is the responsibility of the customer to consult the feasibility and legal aspects of importation with the authorities of their own country. We will not be held responsable for any interceptions made by customs.

Privacy & Security

     The information used on this webpage will not be sold or shared in any way. It is solely for shipping purposes, order notifications and sending you offers and coupons through the email. We will never spam you or disturb you  through the phone. See here for our full privacy policy page.

Stand secure, we have SSL security certificate throughout the page and for processing your payments. This means it has an https:// green bar at the beginning of the domain which indicates it is a secure and trustful site to view and purchase.

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