Red Maca Powder


100% Authentic Red Maca Powder directly from Valle Sagrado ~ Cuzco, Peru

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Red maca powder balances the body and mind to create sustainable balanced energy while providing a large amount of nutrients. It boasts an impressive nutrient profile with 60 potent nutrients, including beta-sitosterol, glucosinolates, and fatty acids.

Why RED Maca?

Compared to other varieties, red maca powder contains higher levels of phytochemicals. Studies suggest red maca may improve prostate health, combat osteoporosis, and support bone regeneration.

We recommend Red Maca for:

  • Men looking to use Maca for prostate health
  • Women’s fertility and libido (men should try black maca)
  • Bone density – most important for women and children
  • Everyone wanting to experience the highest antioxidant and nutrient levels of Red Maca Powder
  • Everyone starting with Maca (including children) due to the sweeter, more pleasant taste

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How to Prepare

Red Maca has a mellow, sun-dried butterscotch flavor. Its mild flavor works well in drinks and foods. For a natural source of energy in the mornings, try adding a few teaspoons of red maca to your breakfast oatmeal or other hot cereals.

red maca powder

red maca powder


Consume 5 to 10 grams (1 – 2 teaspoons) every day. It can be mixed with milk, juice and other soluble preparations (hot for an optimal solution). Ideal for breakfasts.

You can also add 1-2 teaspoons of Red Maca Powder to smoothies, or try it with any of your favorite recipes! Mix it into teas, nut milks, coffee, protein drinks, or just about any natural beverage you can think of. Maca is also a great addition to dessert creations, homemade jams, broths and puddings. Maca has an unusual relationship with cacao nibs and all cacao products in general.




To summarize its benefits it reduces the size of the prostate, acts as natural anti-inflammatory. Indicated as an antioxidant. It fights osteoporosis, being an effective bone regenerator. Improves the symptoms of menopause. Helps with mild depression and supports a healthy libido.


Red Maca root powder 100% pure and natural, contains no preservatives, flavors or artificial colors.

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