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The Amazonian mambe is born from the combination of the toasted leaf of powdered Erythroxylum coca and the ash of yarumo. It is made by traditional peoples such as the Uitoto and Tukano in the Amazon basin and in the Sierra Nevada.

Mambe natural

For the indigenous peoples of South America, coca is a mother, a sacred plant that nourishes and gives life, a medicine that heals body and spirit, and in this way we must also treat it.

Mambe is used in shared and social spaces since being a companion of thought, it allows greater clarity when expressing oneself helping you focus and canalize ideas. In addition, it physically grants ease of communication, increases concentration, improves sensory activity, reduces fatigue and hunger.
It is also used as a natural supplement par excellence since it contains many proteins and high vitamins levels.

mambe coca


The coca mambe is prepared as follows:

Roasting: Ripe coca leaves are roasted over a fire, traditionally in a clay pot.
Grounding: The toasted leaves are ground vertically with a pestle.
Preparation of the ashes: Cetico leaves are usually burned or also quinoa stalks can be used.
Mixing: The pulverized toasted leaves are mixed with the ashes (10% of the amount of crushed leaf) prepared in the previous step.
Sifting: The mixture is sieved several times until only the veins of the leaves remain on the sieve.

To use mambe, the green powder of the mambe is placed on the cheek mixing it in with saliva and as it dissolves it is ingested. It differs from chewed coca due to its smoky flavor.


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