Dragons Blood (20ml)


Freshly gather Dragon’s Blood by the matses tribe in the Amazon Rainforest 🩸

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Sangre de Drago


Especially collected by the Matses tribe in eastern Peru between the Peruvian and Brazilian border. Sangre de Drago/Grado drops prepared from the sustainably wildcrafted sap of Croton lechleri trees 100% from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

Helps in the formation of scabs and quickly regenerates the skin helping collagen formation and it has been shown that the to latex is more active than its isolated components.
ANTIVIRAL AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIONNumerous studies support the antiviral activity of dragon’s blood. In vitro experiments show that this proanthocyanidin inhibits various DNA and RNA viruses including herpes viruses, hepatitis (A and B) and there may be anti-tumor potential in dragon’s blood.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTIVITYIt is seen as the main purpose in the use of Sangre de Drago, its healing effects are for internal and external use.
How to Use
Use 2-3 drops to drink in a cup of water or in your skin, if externally rub in circles until the color lightens into a light brown.
  • Amazon jungle traditional herbal medicine used to stop external bleeding and heal wounds.
  • Supports Digestion & Helps with Skin Conditions
  • Also known as “Sangre de Grado” or “Sangre de Drago”
Non GMO, Ecologically Wild crafted, Sustainable, 100% Pure! Alcohol Free!

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Weight 25 g
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