Andean Leaves Capsules


🍃 100 x 500mg Coca Leaf capsules 💊

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Peruvian Andean 

Coca leaves powder in vegan capsules

Coca flour is ideal for preventing bone diseases, such as osteoporosis. It is proven that coca flour has more calcium than foods such as milk or cheese!  About 20% of the flour contains calcium. It also works as a dietary supplement in terms of iron and vitamin B, which can serve as a nutritional supplement or to combat anemia.

This is also beneficial when it comes to counteracting joint pain or Osteoarthritis. Coca flour has very strong antioxidant effects, which is why it is often recommended for its preventive properties in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, it is stimulating: it is recognized for being also a neuronal stimulant that improves the mood for physical and intellectual work. In many cases, it is said to be a strategic ally in combating stress and depression.



Finally, the amount of fiber in these flours allows us to strengthen our colon and increase our immune system.

Our brand Andean Power is the result of 5 years of experience in the superfood industry. Capsules are the fastest and most effective way to take our products. 🍃

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 16 cm


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