Coca Leaf Capsules (100 x 500 mg)


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Coca Capsules – Pure Coca Caps

Coca capsules are easy to use, it can be consumed on the go, at home or at the office.  Made from 100% natural micro-pulverized coca leaves. Made and sent directly from Peru.

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Coca Leaf Capsules

The Coca leaf capsules are composed of 100% coca leaf powder (also called coca flour). A powerful stimulant. Powers you up physically and mentally. It can also be used as a vitamin and calcium supplement. Taken specially by people suffering from osteoporosis and malnutrition.

The coca plant (Erythroxylum coca) is native to the Peruvian Rain forest and has been fundamental to the culture and traditions of the Andean people for thousands of years.

Inca Coca capsules are great for energy, altitude illness, high blood pressure, tooth aches, intestinal problems and also other ailments.

The coca leaf contains high calcium levels, therefore contributing to the treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis and osteoarthritis.




In conclusion: these capsules are most effective in cases of stress, tiredness and exhaustion.

Nutritional Properties
It contains high contents of Calcium, also has Potassium, Fiber, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, Proteins and Minerals.

It has 100% pure and natural micro pulverized coca leaves. No additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

How to use
Oral Dose:
Take 2-3 capsules with your meals; breakfast, lunch or whenever you need concentration.

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  1. Jake Everett

    Great product! Best quality coca leaf that I have found from any site. And fantastic customer service as well. I would highly recommend.

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