Hercampuri Capsules (100x500mg)

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Hercampuri capsules


Hercampuri  (Gentianella alborosea)

Since the times of the Inca Empire, it has been used to relieve stomach pains and fight fevers caused by malaria. The aqueous extract of the whole plant has been used in our traditional Peruvian medicine as a remedy for hepatitis, for the treatment of obesity, and as a cholagogue. Hercampuri is an herb that has traditionally been used to regulate metabolism.




Hercampuri is used for the treatment of stomach pains and yellow fever; Likewise, properties are reported: hepatoprotective, detoxifying and purifying, with hypoglycemic (antidiabetic) and diuretic action. It is used to regulate blood pressure, regulate circulation, reduce body weight and cholesterol, acting as hypocholesterolemic and against obesity.





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