Chaski Pack


 Chasqui Pack

The chasqui pack consists of

75 gr coca leafs

50gr llipta powder

100 coca capsules

coca chocolate (20gr)

coca leaf candies ~ 10 units

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Chasqui Pack


The chasquis were the messengers of the Inca empire. Agile, highly trained and physically fit, they were in charge of carrying the quipus, messages and gifts, up to 240 km per day through the chasquis road system.

Our chasqui pack consists of

  1. 75 gr coca leaf 🔰 To give you natural energy throughout the day 🍃

  2. 50gr powder llipta 🔰 To activate and get the most alkaloids out of the leaves 🌿

  3. Coca leaf capsules 100 Units 🔰 For a faster on the go consumption 💊

  4. Coca Chococlate (20gr) 🔰 To help raise serotonin levels and energy

  5. Coca leaf candies 10 units 🔰 Helps prevent altitude sickness 🌄

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