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Super Maca Pack try all 3 varieties!


Super Maca Pack


Have you Tried our Maca Pack? We will tell you why you need this great tuberculous root in your life.

Maca has been used and worshiped for thousands of years in the Andean medicine and tradition and is widely used now throughout homes worldwide.

Our Organic Peruvian Maca provides us with outstanding energy that can combat fatigue, tiredness and keep you motivated throughout the day. Folks who take maca in the mornings can feel the endurance, mind-positive energy that maca gives us.

Maca Powder fresh

Read more about this amazing root on and its value in our blog.


Try all 3 maca varieties powders for everyone in the family.

Yellow Maca

💛 Beneficial for all ages and general health

💛 Increases energy, stamina and feeling of well being, thus avoiding stress

💛 Improves your memory and concentration


Red Maca

❤️ Full of Vitamins and Minerals that strengthens the immune system and lifts defenses

❤️ Regulates hormones naturally and helps Women to relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause

❤️ Contains anti-inflammatory properties, excellent for prostate issues in men


Black Maca

🖤 Boosts libido and sexual desire

🖤 Increases fertility in men, potentiating mobility and sperm count

🖤 Greatly improves your energy, concentration and resistance



Have you tried Maca? Maca is a natural energy booster that’s easy to take in milkshakes or added to a smoothie.

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Cusco ~ Valley of the Incas

1 review for Maca Packs

  1. Kanndro Dabbington

    I use maca powder as an additive to my morning xocolatl every day
    Have tried several varieties from health food section at local & specialty grocers
    This is by far hands down the best
    Disolves very well in hot xocolatl with cacao paste
    barely any grit or sludge at all if any
    Uplifting & boosting
    Order the pack
    Try them all it’s worth the time

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