Sacha Inchi Powder (200gr)


Sacha Inchi Powder 100% natural

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Sacha Inchi Powder

Sacha Inchi powder is made from our fresh sacha inchi seeds or “Mani del Inca”. It is considered one of the best nuts in the world thanks to its high content of Omega 3, 6 and 9, also provides great quantities of vitamins A and E. For the human body it is essential to have the components and contribution of this group of super omegas.


Major Benefits

  1. Promotes brain function and cognitive development

  2. Lowers the risk of diabetes

  3. Prevents and reduce high blood pressure

  4. Reduces risk of stroke and heart disease

  5. Decrease of pain and inflammation throughout body

How To Use


Take 2-3 teaspoons with your shakes or fruit smoothies in the mornings



Additional information

Weight 220 g


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