Coca Mint Candies


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Coca Mint Candies directly from Cuzco, Peru 🍬


Coca Mint Candy

Coca mint candy provides a natural dose of energy with 100% natural coca leaves extract.

These energizing candies have stimulating effects. They’re great for boosting energy and concentration during long hours of work and studies.

When you are in altitude and/or tired than consume these candies and you will see the results.

Coca Mint Candies



Contains minerals, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B, fiber, antioxidants and natural alkaloids.


Sugar, glucose, coca flour and mint

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10 units, 50 units

1 review for Coca Mint Candies

  1. B. Clark

    I ordered a bag of these candies and have really been enjoying them. The flavor is refreshing and not too minty to taste the coca, but just minty enough to accent it. I love the flavor of coca so I was happy to find that the mint flavor didn’t overwhelm it. The flavors combine perfectly and the texture lets you know that it does contain natural coca flour, it’s very pleasant. So far I’ve been eating one whenever I study and I’ve found they produce a very mild focusing effect (like a cup of green tea but different) that really helps. I will be ordering more!

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