Peruvian Mushroom Capsules (20 x 500mg)

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Peruvian Mushrooms🍄🍄🍄

Nutcracker Strain

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Psilocybin Nutcracker Cubensis

👉 Above average to high in potency

👉 Great visuals with waves of euphoria

The Nutcracker is an isolated variant of the TAT True Albino Teacher. This strain was first publicly released by the shroomery community in March of 2021 and was isolated by “Myco Clay, a well known cultivator within the community.

Formerly dubbed as the Nutsack because of its appearance, it has since been renamed to Nutcracker in lieu of its less appealing original name. However, unlike its comedic name, its potency is nothing to joke about. He goes on saying:

“I figured most people I knew wouldn’t be too keen on eating a Penis Envy, and a Nutsack. I noticed that the texture not only showed similarities to shrivelled up balls, but also showed similarities to the texture of walnuts, or pecans.”

Please Practice Safe Usage, having a good SET and SETTING.

  • Mild: 1 – 2 capsules
  • Medium: 3 – 5 capsules
  • Full: 5 – 10 capsules

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Psilocybe Cubensis Nutcracker


Peruvian Amazons


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