Andean Coca Toffees


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Artisanal Coca Toffees ~ 9  Toffees 🍬


Andean Coca Toffees ~9 units

Artisan Coca Toffees
Energizing, Nourishing & Invigorating

9 Units ~ 100% natural

Coca Toffees


Coca powder, sugar and Chocolate & Peruvian Cacao 

Thanks for your contribution to our Andean Culture 🍃

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 15 cm

3 reviews for Andean Coca Toffees

  1. Kanndro Dabbington

    Coca toffee’s should always come through all customs at all times
    The natural healthy non addictive coca properties of the toffee’s
    Are non extractable
    Meaning the coca and butter / milk and sugar
    Can not be separated easily or beneficially for monitory gain

  2. Kanndro Dabbington

    What’s the closest country to the USA I have to move to so I can get gentle meds like natural coca that helps my workings instead of harming them and me
    Is it mexico?
    Because as soon as I can
    I’m out
    I have a house full of human and animal spirits I actively live, love, and work with 365 days a year and at this point don’t care where I live as long as I can live out what’s left of my life and my workings undisturbed
    And medicated properly for my standards and life

    • Andean

      Mr. Kanndro this is very exciting to hear a human living in peace with its sorroundings, we agree with you 100%. The closest country to the USA is Canada, we have a great success rate there. Maybe you have a friend there that can get it rerouted to you? It might have better chances. Our coca toffees work great, Thank you!

  3. Kanndro Dabbington

    Reading reviews from disabled men like myself in My Oregon home on here stating how easy and fast getting orders from Andean leaves delivered is
    Plus the non addictive health benefits
    And natural energy I had to order a
    men’s pack during lockdown I had on my bucket list that a year later never came through.
    Luckily my toffee’s did though
    And for the spiritually / energetically advanced individual with a refined gourmet pallet there’s nothing better
    And the best medicinal choice for the spirituality of some people like myself who won’t allow pharmaceutical pills or anything in there system that may hinder there spiritual practices
    Relieves severe chronic fatigue quickly
    And relieves pain that medical marijuana can’t without pharmaceuticals
    I can say that I’ve experienced a big productivity and health boost when these are in my medical arsenal
    Too bad I can not get them through customs anymore
    Nothing but a bunch of pharmaceutical company owned abusive losers in customs

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