Black Maca Capsules

Black Maca  ~ 120 x 500mg Tablets

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Black Maca Gelatinized

Black Maca capsules have several advantages. First, it’s easier to obtain a precise daily dosage with black maca tablets. Second, tablets are very convenient to travel with or for busy people in general.

💪🏽💪🏽 BLACK MACA: Peruvian sourced Black Maca has many benefits that make it a superior choice for men and women, as opposed to red or yellow maca. Black Maca powder enhances male potency & fertility, helps with libido & sex drive, supports strength, stamina & energy. Additionally, Black Maca regenerates muscle building and increments athletic performance, helps in with natural testosterone production and balances our mood.


💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 LOOKING FOR STRENGTH: Our black maca extract contains 120 x  500mg of Peruvian sourced Black Maca Tablets per bottle. Gelatinized Maca is superior because it passes through a previous boiling process to remove starch content, and therefore it is easier for our body to absorb. Additionally, Black Maca contains more concentrated nutrient content and amplified metabolites & minerals.

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Made from 100% natural micro-pulverized and gelatinized black maca roots. Made and sent directly from Peru 🍃


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